How to be a morning workout fan?

Morning ExerciseMorning workouts are no joke. It takes motivation to get out of bed before the sunrises and hours before you have to be at work.

Maybe you’re not a morning person now. No fear. A few easy steps and practice can make morning workouts a habit in no time.

Pack everything you will need for the next day the night before.

Work bag – check

Purse – check

Breakfast/lunch/snacks – check

Gym bag – check

Hint: I personally have found it easiest to have two sets of toiletries. One set for home and one for the gym bag. There is nothing worse than getting in the shower and realizing you have forgotten your body wash. I am totally cool with no showers on a non-workout day, but sometimes a girl just has to shower after a sweaty workout.

Make a commitment to meet friends.

Hitting the snooze button multiple times is not as tempting when you know someone else has already gotten up and is counting on you.

Have a workout planned that you’re looking forward to.

Maybe it is a new strength training routine or a class (Hello, 5:30am spin class). Have fun with the workouts. If you are not looking forward to the workout that lays ahead, getting up early is going to be even harder.

Go to bed early!

Out of all the steps to make early morning workouts happen, going to bed can be he hardest. This chick loves to go to bed early. Yet I still find myself going to bed later than I should. Quality sleep is important for the body and mind to repair and perform at its highest level. Make sleep a priority.

Yes, I do go to bed around 9pm most nights and LOVE it!

Just commit to doing morning workouts.

Commit and do it! Knowing your workout is done before many people are out of bed is a great feeling. There is no such thing as putting workouts off if it is done first thing in the morning. Make it happen. You will not regret a morning workout.

Have fun!

You workout because you want to, not because you have to!

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