Reducing Refined Sugars

When the reducing refined sugars challenge started my one goal was to reduce the amount of sweets (cookie, cake, chocolate, lattes, ice cream, etc.) that I was consuming in hopes that my crazy cravings would subside.

Yes there is sugar in bread, pastas, beer, wine but I was more concerned about the amount of sweets I was consuming. It is so easy to have just one cookie and quickly turn back for two cookies. I was sick of feeling sluggish and having intense cravings for more SWEETS. I never felt fully satisfied after a meal till I had eaten a sweet treat.

My mom found this little gem the other day. Even at 1-year old I had a deep love for sugar.

At the beginning of the month I let myself have just a bite or two of something to “try” it. (I have no idea why I thought I had to “try” a sweet treat. I definitely knew it would taste delicious) I quickly learned that this way of thinking was not going to work. I had to go all or nothing.

This challenge has not been easy by any means. Seriously. I have turned down some amazing looking desserts at social events the last month. For goodness sakes, I turned down Costco cake at my sister’s birthday. On a very positive note, I do not have the side effects that Amy-Lynn has suffered from.

It is a slow process, but I am finally starting to see some patterns in my intense cravings for sweets, salt and savory and my eating habits in general.

Just yesterday I went to eat a bite of chocolate pudding and found myself thinking “this is too sweet.” and offering to my housemate to eat.

Baking Irish Car Bomb cupcakes should not have happened last week.

Has this challenge been worth it? YES.

Has this challenge made me rethink my eating? YES.

Will this challenge last past January 31, 2017? YES/NO. This challenge has changed my way of thinking towards sugar and how it makes me feel. I will continue to be mindful of the amount of sweets I eat, but I have no plans of cutting sweets out completely for the long haul.

Cheers to a reduced sugar life!

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