Toxic Relationships – A time for change

When the seasons change, I feel the tuck to reevaluate my life, my relationships and goals. It just seems natural to me. Fresh starts. Even though I’ve been quite busy playing around with my new vacuum sealer, these are things that I often need to think about.

Recently a friend and I were talking about how we miss having real and authentic relationships, as well as, conversations that are meaningful and pure. We don’t ask people how they are doing “just because” we are asking because we TRULY care. We want to know the good, bad and ugly. We want and are willing to invest time and emotion into the relationship.

I had mentioned to my friend that I have a very small group of true relational friends. These friends know me better than I know myself. They aren’t afraid of telling me the truth, even if it might sting for a short while. We are able to have real conversations that don’t just skim the surfaces of life.

I know lots of people and have a larger “circle” of friends, but some of these so called “friends” I would put our relationships into the category of “Toxic Friendship”. This isn’t to say that I don’t care about the person or that when I do spend time with them that the time isn’t enjoyed- it is. But at the root of those relationships there are toxins that leave a bad after taste in my mouth. I walk away from our time spent together thinking- what did we discuss? Do I actually know this person? Are they being honest with themselves and me?

As I have milled over these thoughts and the relationships in my life over the last week or so, I just happened to jump on Runner’s World to see if there were any new and exciting running articles that I would enjoy. I came across Kristin Armstrong’s newest blog post. Go read the article yourself. It is worth the few minutes of reading.

Gorgeous friend described that kind of connection like sugar, which I thought was so smart that I asked her if I could steal it (she said yes). You crave it, but it’s dissatisfying, it makes you want more, but ultimately you just crash and get a headache. Real connection and intimacy is like a meal, not a sugar fix.

After reading the post I sat speechless and teary eyed. Kristin hit the nail on the head.

I want to have “real deal meal” relationships in my life. I am sick of “sugar fixes” that only satisfy for a quick amount of time.

What kind of relationships will you fill your life with? What kind of friend are you?

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